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"The Internet of Things"



This is an ioBridge controller.  With it you can control just about anything via the Internet.  You can also

Read values from just about any sensor.  ioBridge offers many sensor and control modules.  Everything from relays

to ultrasonic rangefinders.  You can control servos, buzzers, lights, motors the list goes on and on.

Setup is a breeze and you can access your ioBridge from any Internet connected device with a browser including a smartphone.

Here is a "dashboard" screen shot from an iPhone.




In this setup I'm monitoring the humidity, temperature, ambient light level, and door status of my basement.

Here are the current values from the basement. These values are live and update automatically via the ioBridge.

Current Humidity =

Day Trend

Current Temperature =

Day Trend

I plan to also monitor the amount of water that is pumped out of the dehumidifier.  I will

collect the water in a 55 gallon tank and use it for irrigation.


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August 26, 2011